WFH: Simple swaps you can do at home

Remember this babes, "Small changes have huge impacts." For us, and we hope for you too, taking care of our Earth is not only a responsibility, but is a necessity. There are plenty of environmentally conscious ways to improve our daily basis while we are staying at home. 

We have listed some tips that help reduce carbon footprint and improve quality of life for everyone in the family. Join us in continually practicing a sustainable lifestyle, beginning with these practical habits.

  • New activities: I know you have to work from home and shouldn't go out. Watching series, Playing video games might help kill the time, but have you ever considered planting a tree? Maybe your favorite flowers, vegetable or fruits you like to eat regularly. I live in an apartment with a small balcony, so I managed myself and encouraged my husband to plant some basil, lemon, chili and avocado trees. Plus it is Spring time! Perfect timing! You will enjoy it just to see them sprouting, believe me. 


  • Support timelessness: Big question here, which industry is the second largest polluter in the world? Correct! The fashion industry. Let’s affirmatively say no to fast fashion and say yes to slow fashion, focusing on timelessness not trends, and psst! most of the time it comes with good quality.  
  • Save energy: Now you are at home. You need lights EVERYWHERE you go, but calm down, you just need the light only where you are. Just turn unnecessary lights off. Period. 
  • Become a chef: We all want to support local restaurants in this crisis. Pick-ups and delivery can come with one-time-use-plastics. A solution to this is to say no to plastic utensils and unnecessary sauces in the food app's note. Another solution is to cook your own foods. Buy local and bring your own shopping bags with you. Who knows after this crisis, you might open your own restaurant.


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