Sustainability is the New Sexy.

It is so exciting to share this with our #GaleneBabes as we strive to be an eco-lifestyle brand. We continually aim to reduce the environmental impact of our production, from the fabrics to the packaging and everything in between. Every single piece is made with love and respect for the planet.

Galene_swim_road trip Oct 2018

Let’s make it clear. Sustainability is hands down the best thing we can do for ourselves and our planet. People tend to be aware of what they do and what they buy these days. Now you may ask, what do you have to offer as a swimwear company?

We so proudly present that our new collection (coming soon) is made from recycled fabric, Carvico - Vita fabric made in Italy, using the ECONYL® process, a 100% recycled yarn created by regenerating and transforming wastes, such as discarded fishing nets in the ocean.

Galene_swim_fabric_blog post

You may ask again, does this fabric perform like other lycra or spandex fabric? Here are some fun facts of our new recycled fabric:

Galene_swim_recycled fabric blog post

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